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Below is a table of useful phrases in Mi'gmaq. Unlike in English, Mi'gmaq makes a distinction between you singular and you plural (similar to "y'all"). However, in the plural there is another distinction between you dual (two people) and you plural (three or more people). Thus, when speaking you must always make the distinction between if there is one, two, or 3+ people. For basic verb conjugations see VAI. For a guide on how to pronounce the following phrases see the Spelling page.

English Mi'gmaq Notes
Hi Gwe'
Thank you Wela'lin One person to another person. Lit. 'I do well by you'
Thank you Wela'lioq One person to many people
Thank you Wela'lieg Two or more people to one or more people
Yes E'e pronounced "ehe"
No Moqwa'
What's up? Taliaq?
Not much Mu talianug
How are you? Me' talein? Asking one person
How are you? Me' talioq/taloltioq? Asking two people/asking three or more
I'm fine. And you? Welei. Gatu gi'l(ew)? Response to Me' talein?. gi'l is second person singular, gi'lew is second person dual and plural.
Good morning! Weliegsitpu'g
Good night (before bed) Welimpa literally: sleep well
Happy birthday! Uliajipuna'!
What is your name? Taluisin (gi'l)?/Taluisioq (gilew)?/Taluisultioq gilew? To one person/to two people/to three or more people
My name is... Teluisi...
Where are you from? Tami tett tle'iawin?/tami tett tle'iawioq?/tami tett tle'iawultioq? To one person/to two people/to three or more people
I am from... Tle'iawi... -g the -g denotes location. Therefore if you were to say I am from Listuguj it would be Tle'iawi Listugujg.
Let's eat! Mijjultinej!
I don't understand. Mu nestmu
Do you speak Mi'gmaq? 'Nnuisin? To one person
Yes, I speak Mi'gmaq E'e, 'nnuisi
No, but I understand. Moqwa, pasna nestasi.
How do you say ... in Mi'gmaq? Tal tluwen ... 'nnuigtug?
Speak to me in Mi'gmaq 'Nnugluli
Sorry Mesgei
I am so sorry Mawimsgei
Forgive me Apigsigtui This is used when you have done something very bad.
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