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Inanimate Intransitive (II) verbs are verbs that only have an inanimate subject. Examples of II verbs are gaqam- 'it is standing'. Inanimate intransitive verbs have only two possible person/number combinations: a singular subject and a plural subject. For this reason, they are usually grouped with the animate intransitives as a "0th person" in the remainder of this wiki instead of being made into their own two-cell table. However, for this page, and in order to emphasize the difference in animacy, they will be kept separate.

The endings for the present indicative for II verbs will be shown in the table below, along with their negative counterparts.

[edit] Present Indicative

VII Present Indicative
↓person / number→ SG PL
0 -g -gl

[edit] Negative Present Indicative

VII Negative Present Indicative
↓person / number→ SG PL
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