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There are many editors of this wiki, which is great, but it also means that we may all have slightly different ideas about the "normal" way of writing things. When we're writing things independently, obviously this is not a big deal, but when we're all collaborating on one project, then it can be useful to have some consistency in the little details so that our wiki looks cohesive and professional. This page is intended to be used to decide on formatting, stylistic, punctuation, and other similar issues, so that we can have a consensus to refer to when making or editing pages. Obviously, this page is also editable, so it is intended to evolve as we notice areas where we are different.


How to Use This Page

  • If you're reading the wiki and you notice that there are inconsistencies (beyond obvious typos), check this page to see whether we have decided on a single way of doing things.
    • If there is already a guideline, then please fix the page to match the guideline.
    • If there isn't already a guideline, please mention it under "Unresolved Issues" at the bottom or bring it up at a group meeting. Then we know to discuss it, and when we've come to a consensus, we can add it to the page.
  • If you're making a new article or section, you may wish to consult this page before or while making it, so you can adopt the guidelines from the beginning and prevent your formatting from having to be changed later.


  • 'Single quotes' or "double quotes" in running text?

Page Layout

  • Place a single blank line between each paragraph, example, or gloss. Don't place any blank lines between individual bullet points or numbered list items.
  • There are two ways of linking to another article:
  1. If linking from within a paragraph of text, just link from the relevant word or words.
  2. If linking from a general subsection to a more specific article (even if this article doesn't exist yet) about that whole subsection, place the following text directly below the relevant subsection and then leave a blank line before starting to write the section.

For more detail, see Possession ''For more detail, see [[Possession]]''

  • Guidelines for making subsections

Unresolved Issues

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